Turning your vision into action

Defining your Purpose and Vision means we do the work to identify and unify around where you need to go. It answers the question – What does the world look like when you’re done? From there, we look at your resources, constraints, strengths and opportunities to develop an executable strategy that will get you there.


Every nonprofit has unwritten values, principles and assumptions about what’s most important to its success. Our method of strategic planning ensures we examine the institutional knowledge and nuance that feeds how you operate so we deliver a tailored strategy that can be supported and implemented by your team.

Who needs to know about how you’re changing the world?

We can help you build and hone organizational, marketing and communications strategies, but your impact will always rest on reaching the right audience, in the right way. As always, using your vision as our north star, we will examine and identify which audiences, when reached, will be the ones that make a difference for your organization.


A communication isn’t effective because you said what you had to say. It’s effective because the person you wanted to hear it, received it, and understood your message. To achieve that requires thoughtfulness and empathy for your audience. We are passionate about providing this level of consideration to them and will coach your team on how to make this thoughtfulness inherent in their communications.

From ideation to execution

With over 20 years of experience of program and project development and management- we design and create opportunities that breed results which prove the impact of your organization and draw a clear line from each activity to your vision. This is applied to every function of your organization and ensures your ability to communicate the amazing things you’ve done to those you serve and those who support your efforts.

Sincere, win-win relationships that will move you forward

We believe that partnerships move the world. Elefthero will provide access to their nation wide network as well as uncover, cultivate, and build partnerships for you that will drive you towards your goals. We love people and we love looking for unpredictable, inventive ways to bring people and organizations together. We will be your advocate and we will coach your staff on how to sustain and strengthen the relationships we create to ensure lasting, long-term value.